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F-ONE : Mitu Monteiro Pro Model

F-ONE : Mitu Monteiro Pro Model

Publish it : 13 September 11h21

The F-One surfboard lineup is always one we are excited to see this time of year, and even more so for 2014. We know the big boss' passion for surfboards so that means we also know that there i a lot of work put in the surf line up. Let's start the grand tour with the brand's newest baby, the Mitu Monteiro Pro Model!

F-One Mitu Monteiro Pro model

This is the first time that F-ONE will be offering a pro model in its lineup. Mitu Monteiro has accumulated an extensive amount of experience in wave riding and was one of the elite riders that lead the strapless revolution in kitesurfing. He possesses a great understanding of wave kitesurfing and surfing. He has worked in direct relationship with F-ONE to develop kiteboards and his input and curiosity in testing has proven to be essential. He was completely involved in designing his own board line, while staying in tuned with F-ONE's philosophy that boards should be high performance but also versatile. 

Mitu has always favored longer boards but the new compact outline with its round nose allows the board to be more compact while maintaining the stability of a longer one. While throwing freestyle tricks with a surfboard, a shorter wider design with a little more flotation makes executing and landing tricks easier. This is why the boards are a little wider to give the rider a compact board that is shorter and more responsive, stable and accessible. 

The hull is shaped with a deep single concave all the way to the fins, this guarantees early planning and smooth acceleration for freeriding or in surf. The concave also absorbs the chop while riding.

A lot of work went into developing the New Camel deck: It lowers and stabilizes the heel of the surfer and lock its arch on a rounded center line. It improves stability, maneuverability and increases the riders' board control in any conditions.

Mitu's board line is innovative and unique in the sense that it was designed for strapless kitesurfing from the nose to the tail. Mitu rides the same board on flat water, small onshore waves, extreme offshore conditions and just free surfing. He does it all on the same board on the challenging spots of his home island in Cabo Verde at a level we can all only dream of. All the Mitu Monteiro Pro Models are in a tri fin setup to make the boards glide faster and to make them as light as possible for freestyle tricks.


Available sizes:

6’0’’ : 182 x 51 cm

5’10’’ : 177 x 49.5 cm

5’8’’ : 172 x 48 cm

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