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North American Snowkite Tour Jackson Hole 23/01-25/01
Red Bull King of The Air 01/02-15/02
KTA Bintan Indonesia 20/02-24/02
KTA Thailan Pranburi 13/03-16/03
PKRA Dakhla 19/03-24/03
KTA Philippines Boracay 26/03-31/03
PKRA France 20/04-25/04
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Slider Party 13/05-19/05
Wake Air Contest 25/05-26/05
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25 Juillet 18h32
Miss Stance: Núria Gomà
Happy Friday everyone!  This week we are happy to introduce you to Ozone rider Núria Gomà....
25 Juillet 18h19
Chiemsee Summer 2015 : Hannah Whiteley
Chiemsee presents their 2015 Summer collection, in a concentrate of beautiful action images (kite, surf, windsurf) and lifestyle,...
25 Juillet 17h59
Cape Verde riders are under the spot light these days! We have to admit that their insane riding level and their enviable...
25 Juillet 17h24
Chris Bobryk : Always Good
Turk and Caicos are an absolute paradise when you're a kiteboarder, it is hence not surprising that it seems to be the case...
24 Juillet 20h57
Nick Callejo : Lazy Days
Weather is nice, it's hot outside...
24 Juillet 20h54
Emil Christiansen : Turkey
Turkey is one of the "go to" destinations this summer...
24 Juillet 20h41
Nuno Figueiredo : Third National Title
Nuno Figueiredo is a well known name in the European wave riding world...
24 Juillet 19h38
Jack Hardley Kite Surfing
He may not have quite the ease, style and technique of his mentors, but it sure is coming...
24 Juillet 13h36
PKRA Fuerteventura : single elimination video
While we're waiting to see yesterday's action images from the double elimination rounds, here's a few nice action clips of...
22 Juillet 12h34
Slingshot: Everyday
What if you every day life included riding in locations like the BVIs, riding through pristine, crystal clear waters, sipping...
22 Juillet 12h14
Wainman Hawaii: Eyes
The eyes are back, and we sure know where they're looking in this video!  Forest Bakker, newly Wainman rider, is back...
22 Juillet 11h55
Strapless Addiction Academy: Episode 6 - No Grab Backroll
Time to learn some more! Our favorite Italian strapless teachers Stefano Gentili and Francesco Maffei are back with a new...
21 Juillet 18h07
Diamond 2015: Airush's women specific lineup
Good news ladies: Airush now offers a whole women specific line up! A kite, a board and a bar were developed with Bruna...
21 Juillet 17h41
Laci's Summer Dream 2
As Laci gets a mysterious map and finds a buried treasure in the snowy, cold mountains, we are transported in the turquoise...
21 Juillet 17h30
PKRA Fuerteventura : qualifications video
Sotavento, in Fuerteventura definitely isn't the rider's favorite PKRA stop, except maybe for its fiestas...
18 Juillet 13h07
Miss Stance : Malin Amle
Happy Friday everyone! This week, we are happy to feature another shredder lady, this time from Norway, Miss Malin Amle! Name:...
18 Juillet 13h06
Red Bull King of the Air : Full Edit
Who wants to take part in the biggest competiton to become a satellite man? The Red Bull  King of the Air...
18 Juillet 13h02
Kevin de Smidt : Loop'n'Rolla
Here's one who decided not to wait for October (and for the start of the Red Bull King of the Air selection process) to put...
18 Juillet 11h39
RPM 2014 + Vision + Paul Patfoort
Now that looks like a fun session! The ocean is truly a playground for Slingshot rider Paul Patfoort  who scored...
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Miss Stance: Núria Gomà
Miss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria Gomà

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